a game for alan turing

by Yuan Mekong, elizabeth Veldon and The Colours Will Erase Us

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this album is dedicated to the memory of alan turing who's work in the fields of computing, mathematics and cryptography helped shape the world we live in.

he is most famous for leading the team who deciphered 'the enigma code' and helped defeat germany in ww2 however he was considered a security risk due to his homosexuality and forced to take female hormones. when he began developing breasts he killed himself by injecting an apple with cyanide and eating it.

the album image for this release contains the album name and the names of those contributing encoded using an online simulation of the enigma machine.

track notes:

elizabeth Veldon's tracks use alternately substitution cyphers and data bending. the first of her tracks uses seven encryptions of the word 'apple' which where produced using the simplest of encryption techniques 'caesar's cipher' while her second uses the source code from the glitch photograph used in the album image.


released 12 June 2012



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